227 | The Power and Transformation of Mentorship with FranklinCovey's Scott Jeffrey Miller

Posted by Jenni Catron on Oct 10, 2023 10:29:16 AM

227 | The Power and Transformation of Mentorship with FranklinCovey's Scott Jeffrey Miller

Are you astounded by the transformative power of a mentorship? Well, you're not alone. Our guest, Scott Jeffrey Miller, Senior Advisor on Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey, also testifies to the immense influence mentorship can have on a person's life and career. From his own journey as a mentee to becoming a successful and passionate leader, Scott credits much of his success to the mentors in his life. He shares his insights and experiences throughout his impressive 25-year career at FranklinCovey. 

Scott's perspective on mentorship as the most influential role outside of parenting is truly thought-provoking. He believes that mentorship is not just about guidance but is actually a strategy for retaining talents in an organization.


How do you establish this culture of mentorship? Scott walks us through this process, sharing his own experience from consulting a company with a mentorship program. He reminds us of the importance of training mentors and the potential benefits it could bring to your organization, emphasizing how mentorship can improve recruitment, retention, engagement, and referrals.

In a surprising twist, Scott takes on the 'visionary' role of a mentor, challenging traditional expectations. We also discuss the fascinating concept of adopting mentors, even if they are not in your immediate environment. We illustrate the power of mentorship that transcends physical proximity. If you're looking to make the most of mentorship opportunities or aiming to foster a mentorship culture in your organization, this enlightening conversation with Scott Jeffrey Miller is a must-listen.


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