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Posted by Jenni Catron on Aug 28, 2018 10:51:17 AM

 After two years of dragging my feet and finding every excuse to delay, I am finally launching the Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast!!  Please celebrate with me and give me plenty of pats on the back because this Enneagram 3 “Achiever” has been totally stressing out about this unfulfilled goal!

The vision for the Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast is to equip leaders with the foresight for success.  

You all know I’m a get it done girl (except when it comes to podcast launches) and I love helping leaders remove obstacles, build their plan and align their team to achieve success.  

Behind it all is my core belief that leadership is sacred work… that as leaders we have influence. With influence comes the power to change and affect the lives of others. That realization should make you a little uneasy.  There’s great responsibility that comes with leadership. We’re accountable and I want to help all of us do this well.

The podcast will be a mix of interviews and teaching.  Some weeks you’ll get my thoughts on a key topic. Other weeks you’ll hear from some amazing leaders, some well known, some behind the scenes, but all extraordinary at what they do.  

Where culture and strategy collide is where I like to live so we’ll have a mix of team dynamics and practical solutions.  But the constant thread with be my deep passion to cultivate healthy leaders to lead thriving organizations. I deeply believe that when a leader is healthy, the overflow is a thriving team and a thriving organization.  This podcast features leaders like you who are passionate about leading well.

My mission is to inspire men and women at every level of leadership to recognize the habits, behaviors, and skills that will equip them to lead themselves well and lead others better.  

So please be sure to subscribe, rate, review, share – all the things to help me feel like finally accomplishing this goal was worth the effort.  I’m incredibly grateful for the privilege to invest in leaders. You all are doing amazing work in your circles of influence and I know I’m doing what God has called me to do when I’m equipping you with the tools to keep leading well!

We’ve launched with 4 amazing interviews featuring these great leaders:

Carey Nieuwhof – Pastor, Leader, Author & Podcaster

Shannon Miles – Co-Founder of Belay and Author of The Third Option

Brad Lomenick – Consultant, Author, Speaker

Jeanne Stevens – Co-Pastor of Soul City Church


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Who would you like to hear from?  What topics should we cover?

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