Episode 199 | The Discipline of a Leader: 7 Essentials for Leading a Team to Your Vision

Posted by Jenni Catron on Mar 29, 2023 10:23:29 AM

Episode 199 | The Discipline of a Leader: 7 Essentials for Leading a Team to Your Vision with Jenni Catron

There is a significant distinction between the leader who is able to compel people to join them in the pursuit of the vision, and the leader who struggles to keep a unified team: it’s the discipline of the leader, not the capability of the followers.  

We often hear from leaders that their team “just can’t keep up,” “they don’t know how to lead others,” “they don’t get it,” etc.  Leaders find themselves frustrated with the teams’ inability to keep up with or own the vision. Consequently, the leader gets frustrated and discouraged, the staff or volunteers feel that disappointment, and before long the entire organization has stagnated. 


Leaders: you have to learn new disciplines to lead your team to new heights.



This week, Jenni uses her experience climbing Mount Whitney to share 7 key disciplines leaders must embrace in order to lead your team to the vision, and why it’s so much better to share the journey to extraordinary outcomes with others. Slow down, set the pace and experience the success of going together!


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