Episode 191 | 6 Culture Trends for 2023 [And How to Overcome Them] with Jenni Catron

Posted by Jenni Catron on Jan 31, 2023 5:00:00 AM

Episode 191 | 6 Culture Trends for 2023 [And How to Overcome Them] with Jenni Catron

Every year presents its surprises. As much as we try to plan and anticipate what the year ahead will hold, part of leadership is being able to anticipate the possibilities and respond to the realities.

We wholeheartedly believe that your organizational culture should be at the top of your priority list every year, but each year different factors may affect when and how your culture will be impacted. One of the reasons our company is called 4Sight is that we want to equip you to know what to anticipate to help you lead well. We want to equip you with the foresight for success. 


This week, Jenni shares the 6 trends she is observing in organizational life that she believes will impact your team culture this year, and offers guidance on how to overcome them. This episode continues our conversation on purpose, why lean, effective teams are essential, the increased pressure on leaders, and more.

By being proactive in addressing these trends, you can combat the effects of them. You won’t avoid them altogether but with greater awareness you’ll be better equipped to lead yourself and lead your team more effectively this year.



Connect with Jenni
Did these trends get your attention? Are there a few of them that you need to focus on this year? If you’d like to strategize these trends and how you can combat them, the 4Sight team would love to connect with you. Send us an email at podcast@get4sight.com to schedule a free strategy session.

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