Episode 190 | Leading the Next Generation with Hannah Gronowski Barnett and Jenni Catron

Posted by Jenni Catron on Jan 24, 2023 8:43:31 AM

Episode 190 | Leading the Next Generation with Hannah Gronowski Barnett and Jenni Catron

As we’ve mentioned recently, data is telling us that purpose is becoming core to employee engagement. In this week’s episode, Jenni continues this conversation with a look at what passion and purpose mean to the next generation of leaders as she interviews Hannah Gronowski Barnett, CEO and Founder of Generation Distinct.


Since founding the organization in 2018, Hannah has scaled the organization to reach leaders around the globe through her vision to use conversations around passion, purpose, and justice to bring the next generation of leaders into conversations about Jesus, the Gospel, and the Great Commission. Their passion is to help young leaders discover the wrong they were born to make right.

Hannah gives us more insight into why giving the gift of belief is so critical to young leaders, how the passion and energy of young leaders is a reflection of their ownership, and she coaches us on some ways to embrace and encourage that passion for the good of the organizations we lead. 

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