Episode 188 | Why Employee Fulfillment is Critical to Your Organization with Jenni Catron

Posted by Jenni Catron on Jan 10, 2023 6:12:26 AM

Episode 188 | 3 Key Contributors to Developing Your Purpose with Jenni Catron

As we start the new year, perhaps the biggest question that should be at the top of our minds is: how to build a great team. Your team is the lynch pin between your purpose and your strategy. You can have the greatest purpose in the world, and you can have devised the greatest strategy to achieve it, but without a team to make it happen, it’s just a dream. 

In Matthew Kelly’s book, Culture Solution, he says:  “Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage of our age.”

Are you leaning into this advantage? 
How are you leaning into it this year?

A third of your employees potentially do not feel fulfilled in their work, which makes them nearly 400% more likely to actively look for another job, and 340% more likely to leave the organization within a year. There is a hard cost to not being intentional about creating a culture where employees are fulfilled. 



This week, Jenni talks about why employee fulfillment is critical to your organization, what happens when employees are fulfilled (and when they are not) and offers some practical steps to take this week to evaluate fulfillment within your team. 

Steps to take this week:

  1. Do some self-reflection - how fulfilled do you feel in your work? Are you more engaged or less engaged as you start this year? Do you derive significance from the work you are doing? If yes - what about it feels fulfilling, and why? If no - where do you feel the disconnect?
  2. Evaluate each of your employees - how fulfilled do they seem? Rate them on a scale of 1-5 (1 = unfulfilled, 5 = extremely fulfilled).
  3. Pay attention to ways you can connect your team to the purpose of your organization.

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