Episode 185 | An Introduction to the Working Genius Assessment with Carey O'Connor and Jenni Catron

Posted by Jenni Catron on Nov 15, 2022 5:00:00 AM

Episode 185 | An Introduction to the Working Genius Assessment with Carey O'Connor and Jenni Catron

In his book, The 6-Types of Working Genius, Patrick Lencioni writes, “Teams and organizations that help people tap into their God-given talents are much more successful and productive than those that don’t.” But how do you help your team do that when you don’t have clarity about your own gifts and talents? 

In this week’s episode, Jenni chats with Carey O’Connor about one of their favorite team assessments, Lencioni’s Working Genius. Working Genius is 20% a personality assessment and 80% a productivity tool specifically designed for teams. Jenni and Carey are both certified in Working Genius and are passionate about using the tool to help leaders discover the best way to align their teams for success. Carey is a 4Sight Coach and co-lead pastor with her husband who loves helping leaders and teams find clarity & confidence in their roles. 

Jenni and Carey unpack working genius, working competency, and working frustration, the three stages of work (ideation, activation, implementation), and why every job is a “6 letter job.” They also offer real-life examples from their own leadership that show why it’s so important to have all 6 working geniuses on your team, and why bringing them in at the right time is essential to productivity and success. Jenni and Carey also offer some practical solutions once you’ve identified potential working genius gaps in your team.

Working Genius WIDGET (a quick look at the 6 types of working genius and how they fit together): 

  • Wonder - is there a need?
  • Invention - yes, and I have an idea!
  • Discernment - have you thought about this?
  • Galvanizer - guys, this is going to be great and here’s how we’re going to do it!
  • Enablement - how can I help?
  • Tenacity - let’s make sure it’s on time and 100% complete

Take the Working Genius Assessment 

Connect with Carey

If you would like Carey to lead a Working Genius workshop for your team, you can email her at carey@get4sight.com

Connect with 4Sight!

Have you taken the Working Genius assessment? Email us at podcast@4sight.com and tell us what you’re learning and how it has benefited you or your team. If you’re curious about the assessment, visit www.workinggenius.com to get started, then email podcast@get4sight.com to request a free team map from Jenni or Carey. 

Your Next Step

For a next step, check out our 4Sight Women in Leadership Coaching Intensive. This 6 month virtual coaching experience is designed to help women thrive in their leadership and navigate complexity with wisdom and confidence. Next intensive starts February 2023, and guys - there are women on your teams who would love to be part of this and we encourage you to share it with them! Registration and early bird pricing is open now. Come join us for the encouragement, practical tools and skills you need to lead in challenging times.



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