Episode 149 | Building an Org Chart That Works!

Posted by Jenni Catron on Mar 8, 2022 5:00:00 AM

Within a growing organization, tensions can quickly build when responsibilities are unclear, power struggles become consistent and deadlines start to be missed. The hard truth is, the higher you are to the top of an organization the more blinded you become to the confusion and chaos that can loom below. That is why you, as a leader, need to be designating a disproportionate amount of time to the ongoing health of your team.

In last week's episode, Jenni gave us the "WHY" and this week she coaches us on the "HOW" - laying a basic framework of "structure for the strategy". When building an Org Chart that works, Jenni answers the question, "How can we strategically reevaluate our current structure in order to more intentionally design, build and clearly align our teams to more effectively and efficiently accomplish our mission?




In today's culture, the consistent pursuit of Organizational clarity will be a lifeline for growing and thriving organizations. An Org Chart that works will allow you to steward the tensions between empowering the "WHO" (the individuals entrusted to your care) and providing greater clarity for the "WHAT" (the strategies and purposes of those committed to the mission).

For a next step, check out our Culture Blindspot Assessment. This survey will help you discover where you should be investing your time and efforts to make a bigger impact on your team. Our free assessment will help you identify your biggest culture blind spot so your team can thrive.

Schedule a discovery call with us today if you would like to dive deeper into your organization's Org Chart.


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