Episode 143 | When Leadership is Lonely: An Interview with Andi Andrew

Posted by Jenni Catron on Jan 25, 2022 3:04:27 PM

"Leadership is lonely." How many times have you heard this idea? How many times have you FELT it as a leader? While it may be true that aspects of leading can be lonely, being a leader is not a life sentence of isolation.

Listen to this conversation between Jenni and author, speaker, and pastor Andi Andrew about how to have healthy relationships and be a healthy leader simultaneously.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • the common denominator in all of your relationships
  • the difference between authenticity and vulnerability
  • how to manage your own friendship expectations
  • how to avoid isolation as a leader
  • how to lead well AND have friends

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About Andi:

Andi Andrew is an author, speaker, as well as cofounder and copastor with her husband, Paul, of Liberty Church, with five locations in New York City, as well as locations in Manzini, Eswatini; San Francisco, California; and St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 2015 she launched the She Is Free Conference in order to equip and activate women to walk in freedom, spirit, soul, and body, and see others set free in their sphere of influence. A frequent speaker all over the world, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Paul, and their four children.

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