Ep 153 | The Foresight to Fight Fatigue: Jenni Catron and Trey McKnight

Posted by Jenni Catron on Apr 5, 2022 5:00:00 AM

From global upheaval to massive organizational shifts, burnout and stress are at an all time high. This year according to the American Psychological Association, reporting even higher than last year, 3 out of 5 employees are reporting stress overload: lack of motivation, lack of energy, cognitive weariness, emotional exhaustion, and extreme physical fatigue. No doubt, over the past couple of years our strategies have had to shift and we have been forced to experiment with new ways of reaching those we serve and those we are on mission with. Simple things now feel more complex. The disruption of routine has compounded the decisions we need to make - impacting the sense of overload and fatigue we all feel.

In this week's episode, Jenni and 4Sight Coach Trey McKnight have a conversation about the post epidemic Crisis of Burnout. Trey also serves as the Executive Director of Staff Culture and Development at Orange and has worked in ministry for over 20 years with organizations such as: Global Leadership Network, The John Maxwell Company, North Point Ministries, and Chick-fil-A. 




New seasons require intentional new rhythms. As leaders, we must then be sure we are modeling the behavior we want repeated. The extraordinary strategy of Self Leadership is the antidote to overload and fatigue. Self Leadership is founded on discipline. In order for us to build our capability and capacity to adapt to the uncontrollable, so that we can ultimately show up our best selves, we must individually establish healthy and sustainable rhythms emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

For a next step, we encourage you to connect with one of our trained and experienced 4Sight Group: Leadership Coaches. All leaders agree that the culture of your organization matters. But culture starts with you! Our aim is to equip you to lead through the overload that changes in organizational culture can bring. We have a proven track record of setting clients up for success as they transform their teams from disengaged to thriving, from divided to collaborative, and from toxic to trusting.


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