231 | Building an Unbreakable Team: Leadership Insights with Leonce Crump

Posted by Jenni Catron on Nov 7, 2023 5:00:00 AM

231 | Building an Unbreakable Team: Leadership Insights with Leonce Crump 

Ever wondered how to lead a team through uncertain times? Come join me and Leonce Crump as we dive deep into the essence of leadership and the power of building an unshakeable team. Drawing from his new book, The Resilience Factor, Leonce shares his personal journey on various teams and the unique strength that emanates when talented individuals converge with a unified vision.

We take a hard look at the role of prayer, clarity of vision, and strategic planning in forging an aligned and cohesive team. Not shying away from the hard truth, we also explore the necessity of evaluating individual strengths, designing productive meetings, and setting up meaningful accountability structures. Despite the inherent challenges and potential messiness, we both resonate with the sentiment that this style of leadership is indeed worth the effort.

Our conversation also orbits around cultivating a resilient team and assessing your current team's strengths and weaknesses. Leonce emphasizes the importance of a clear mission and vision in constructing a robust team and the vital role of investment in your team's growth, irrespective of their performance level. Tune in for this insightful conversation on leadership and team building.




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