252 | How to Think Differently and Lead Better In a Rapidly Changing Culture

Posted by Jenni Catron on Apr 30, 2024 5:00:00 AM

252 | How to Think Differently and Lead Better In a Rapidly Changing Culture


You don’t need to be convinced that our world is constantly changing - it feels like we’re navigating endless change. Some of you are the early adopters pushing us to consider new ideas and new technologies.  Others of you are the late adopters concerned about whether all these changes are a good thing or not. As leaders we must move from being stuck to being curious. When we choose to shift our perspective, we think differently and we lead better. 

Join me and be part of the conversation that could redefine the way you lead, engage, and inspire your team towards endless potential. 


3 Shifts To Consider:

  1. From stuck to curious
  2. From reactive to proactive
  3. From pointing fingers to taking ownership




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