248 | Exposing 10 Hidden Culture Busters with Jenni Catron

Posted by Jenni Catron on Apr 2, 2024 5:00:00 AM

Episode 248 | Exposing 10 Hidden Culture Busters with Jenni Catron


Are your company's culture dynamics a ticking time bomb? Tune in as I, Jenni Catron, CEO of the 4Sight Group, reveal the hidden culture busters lurking within organizations, waiting to sabotage team harmony and effectiveness. This isn't your average leadership talk; it's a candid exposé on the subtleties that can turn a nurturing environment into a toxic wasteland. We're not just talking about the usual suspects, like poor communication or misalignment, but the insidious effects of leaders who stray from the company's values and the chaos that ensues when change is mismanaged.

By the end of our time together, you'll be armed with the foresight to pinpoint the top culture busters threatening your team's ecosystem and start charting a course towards a resilient, value-driven culture. Join us next week as we build on these foundations and shift our focus to the bricks that construct a robust organizational culture.


Common Culture Busters include:

  1. a team member who routinely violates a value
  2. not executing your culture plan
  3. unresolved conflict between team members
  4. gossip or unproductive negative talk
  5. managers who don’t model the values and/or don’t align with your desired culture
  6. not addressing team members who are out of alignment
  7. poor communication, especially from leadership
  8. haphazard change management especially when it involves employees roles or responsibilities
  9. inconsistency in following defined systems
  10. managers/leaders who violate systems


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