210 | How We Shape Values & Behavior to Influence Culture

Posted by Jenni Catron on Jun 13, 2023 5:00:00 AM

Episode 210 | How We Shape Values & Behavior to Influence Culture

How does your team behave? 

Kind of an odd question, isn’t it.

Think for a minute about the behaviors of your team. What do they do that you love? What do they do that frustrates you? What do you wish they did differently? How would you describe them?

This analysis of how your team behaves gives you clues as to whether the culture you’re hoping to create as a leader is really being lived out by your team. 




In this week’s episode, Jenni helps us discover the questions we need to ask to assess our team’s behavior, how to translate your organizational values into behaviors, and what it looks like for you, as the leader, to model those behaviors. 

Because, at the end of the day, great culture starts with YOU.

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