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Navigating the complexities of leadership can be daunting and overwhelming. With Jenni Catron and her guests as your trusted and experienced guides, your leadership journey can become less overwhelming and more fulfilling. Jenni and the 4Sight team want to help you become a healthy leader who leads a thriving organization. Listen to discover the tools and wisdom you need to gain the 4Sight for success!

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Ep 152 | Protection + Provision for Your Organization: An Interview with Tiffany Henning SPHR/CRPC

In light of the first wave of “The Great Resignation” and employee burnout we are experiencing coming out on the other...

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Episode 151 | Creating a Culture of Trust

Values become intrinsic to you as a leader. Therefore, they must be clearly articulated and intentionally communicated...

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Episode 150 | 6 Qualities of a Strong Female Leader

In recognition and celebration of Women's International History Month, in this week's episode, Jenni gives us six...

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Episode 149 | Building an Org Chart That Works!

Within a growing organization, tensions can quickly build when responsibilities are unclear, power struggles become...

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Episode 148 | The Extraordinary Impact of Organizational Clarity

Within a growing organization, tensions can build quickly when responsibilities are unclear, power struggles become...

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Episode 147 | Earn Trust to Rebuild Culture: An Interview with Tim Stevens

There’s no doubt we have been forced to maximize the pivot and lead through unprecedented times in the past couple of...

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Episode 146 | The Power of Clear Values with Jodi Tonarelli and Carey O'Connor

When it comes to the power of clear values in your organization, your team can love your mission and your vision but...

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Episode 145 | 5 Ways to Develop Your Team

Attracting and retaining your team is critical to a healthy and thriving team culture. One way to do this is through...

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Episode 144 | What's Your Leadership Blind Spot?

Pause for a moment. Can you confidently answer the following questions about your workplace?

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Episode 143 | When Leadership is Lonely: An Interview with Andi Andrew

"Leadership is lonely." How many times have you heard this idea? How many times have you FELT it as a leader? While it...

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