Episode 109 | How to Create a Culture of Healthy Feedback with Holly Tate from LEADR

Posted by Jenni Catron on Jun 1, 2021 2:00:23 PM
As leaders, we want to create cultures in which we can seamlessly and smoothly give and receive feedback. We know the health that can be found when good feedback is the norm. But how do we successfully give and receive feedback?

Jenni Catron, founder, and CEO of the 4 Sight Group welcomes Holly Tate, SVP of Growth at LEADR, to discuss how to create a healthy feedback culture.  

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • What a healthy culture of feedback looks like

  • How to create feedback loops, both up and down the org chart

  • How to GIVE helpful feedback

  • What to do when someone doesn't receive your feedback well

Topics: Leadership Development, Feedback, Communication

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