How to Align Your Team: An Interview with Jerry Hurley

Posted by Jenni Catron on Apr 7, 2020 3:21:00 PM

We all know it's true...a team that's aligned around shared vision and values makes progress and achieves their goals. But how do we construct a culture that is clear enough to align around? This conversation between Jenni Catron and Life Church's Jerry Hurley will shed light on how to clarify vision and how to connect values with behaviors so your team can align around them. It will help you build the kind culture you're hoping to build with those you lead.

You'll find out:

  • How long it takes to embed something new in your team
  • The cost of what you value
  • How to link values to behaviors
  • Why clarity matters
  • How to attract the right people
  • What to do with your team in light of coronavirus


About Jerry:
Jerry Hurley is the Pastor and Team Development Leader oLife.Church, an inter-state, multi-site church, with 700+ team members based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Over the past 20 years, Jerry has been responsible for the team and cultural development at Life.Church and has helped shaped the overall direction and leadership of the church. He oversees multiple operational areas including Human Resources, Training and Development, Logistics, and Financial Operations. Jerry was a District Team Leader for Target and had 17 years of operational leadership in the retail industry before stepping into full-time ministry at Life.Church. Jerry is a values-driven advocate for building and nurturing organizational culture deep within his staff team and coaching external organizational executives to do the same. 

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